Hey folks!

My name is Amanda, I’m 27 years old, and I live in Vienna, Austria. I moved here from my little home town of Mountain Home, Arkansas in 2013 so I could marry my now husband, start a new job and a new life. The whole transition has been crazy, and at times difficult, but I wouldn’t trade the experiences for anything.

A little about me.

My husband and I live together in Vienna, the capitol city of Austria. I work from home as a graphic/web designer, WordPress developer, and marketing advisor while my husband and finishing is masters degree. My husband and I met in the summer of 2010 while I was studying abroad in Salzburg and we’ve been together ever since. And by “together” I mean “in a relationship,” because most of that time was actually spent apart. I went back to Arkansas after my semester in Salzburg was over and he stayed in Austria since he was just starting at his university in the fall. Let me tell you from first hand experience: it is hard to move to Austria! Trust me, in the beginning we tried everything. Unless you already have a job here, are a family member of a citizen, are married to a citizen, or have great connections, it’s not happening. We did long distance for 3 years before deciding to get married and finally, really be together. So much happened during that time, and so much has happened since. It’s too much to share right now (I meant for this to be a short bio. Oops.), so I hope to share more with you over time.

I’ve been wanting to start this blog/website for a while now, but could never really find the time. Then I realized, if I keep using “I just don’t have time” as an excuse, I will never, ever get off my ass and do anything. So even though I spend most of my days sitting at my desk on my laptop doing client work, I’m going to squeeze in a few hours every month to share with you little pieces of what’s going on my world.

What you can expect from this blog.

I love to cook, so there will probably be lots of food and recipes in this blog. I also love going out to eat, trying new cuisine and having a few drinks or snacks in cool places. So, I’m hoping to share with you some of my favorite spots in our district and around Vienna. As much as I love to indulge in a good cocktail, a glass (or 2) of wine, or a specialty dish (and boy, do I love to indulge), I’ve recently started a quest to find balance between a healthy, active lifestyle and indulging my cravings. That’s always been a struggle for me, so I’m sure you’ll here me vent about that some. And lastly, my husband and I love to travel, so I hope to share with you some stories and tips about the places we visit.

My site has an intentionally simple design because there’s just not much content yet. But I have big plans and can’t wait to expand to travel guides, recipe indexes and more. I hope you’ll stick around with me to watch it grow and follow my story.