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Pineapple Green Tea Smoothie

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There’s nothing like an ice cold smoothie on a hot day when you’re working from home in a flat with no A/C. Am I right?! Smoothies make a regular appearance in my kitchen during the summer. The ingredients are cheaper in the summer months, so it’s easy to stock-up and prep things ahead of time (or at least as much as …

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Roasted Fennel + Quinoa Crunch Salad

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A few months ago I made a last-minute decision to visit a friend of mine in Scotland. She’s actually from Vienna and is finishing up her master’s degree at St. Andrews, an extremely old and prestigious school right on the coast of the North Sea (and if that’s ringing a bell, it’s also known for it’s beautiful golf coarse, and …

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Morning Routine + Warm Oats

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Welcome to Central Plus Seven! As my first post for the blog, I think it’s fitting for me to share with you my morning routine. Since my early teens, my mornings have always been a critical time for me to get my shit together, eat a really good breakfast and fully prepare to take on the day (mentally and physically). …