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Hey folks! I wanted to take some time to write a short post about my life lately. Not that anything particularly exciting or significant has happened, but in a way it has personally. March, somewhat unintentionally, became a month of reflection, reanalysis and goal setting for me.

From January through February, we had a lot going on. Christof and I got home from Arkansas at the beginning of the year and had no time to really settle in after a long stay in the States. He jumped right back into school, I got back to work, totally jet-lagged for the first several days, and me, completely overwhelmed with my workload and trying to get caught up. Then in February we went on vacation to New York City! This was a great trip and we had an awesome time. I’ll be posting about that soon. Once we got back, we were once again jumping back into projects, fighting jet-lag, and I personally was not feeling my best. I already wrote about how I usually suffer from the winter blues, but it was really more than that.

I was not staying on top of work projects, which is not like me, but at the same time felt completely overwhelmed with my workload. I was feeling a little ‘fluffy’ after back-to-back vacations and wanted to rev up my exercise and healthy eating routine again, but couldn’t find the time or motivations to do any of that. Then suddenly it was March. At first I still felt like I was stuck in this spiral of negativity, moving along through each day, accomplishing the bare minimum. Then suddenly I realized: I was making things out to be way worse than they were. All the stress and pressure I was feeling with work and life in general was completely self-manifested. Simply acknowledging this made me feel better (and ridiculous at the same. Why do we do this to ourselves!), and also helped me decide to starting slowing down. Here’s what I’ve been up to:


Introducing some yoga into my daily routine has been my most favorite step towards slowing down. I’ve always been interested in yoga and have dabbled from time to time, but I decided to commit to it for a few weeks as a way to relieve some stress. I already had a subscription that I got from a coupon or something a few months back, so I used it to find 20-30 minute classes that focused on stress relief and would be easy for a beginner like me. Almost every day for the past two weeks I’ve stopped work around 5:30 p.m. to do a yoga flow and it has been awesome! Sometimes when the video is over I literally jump off my mat and start tasking on house projects. Taking just a few minutes to myself each day to breath and stretch has really improved my state-of-mind and makes me feel more energized in the evenings.   


I have been working out, but not as intensely. In order to slow down, I’ve been going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week and just walking on the treadmill. I bump up the incline, find a good pace, put on my favorite podcast, and walk for 45 minutes exactly. This was a low stress commitment I knew I could stick with.


Sleep has not been so good to me lately. In an attempt to get some better sleep and possibly (maybe) start getting up earlier, I’ve been reading before bed and setting more realistic alarm times for the morning. 5:30 a.m. is just not happening right now, so why force it? I’ve been reading Chesapeake by James A. Michener, which was hidden in the care package I received from my grandparents earlier this month. I love historical fiction, and my grandmother and I got into a lovely discussions about historical fiction books we love while I was in Arkansas. She insisted I would love this book, and 200 pages in (out of 1,000!), I’m digging it.

Goals for April

Slowing down in March has felt so good, and it’s prepared me for some real goals in April. Though I’ve been taking it easy on the workouts, I’ve decided to start BBG again on Monday, April 3rd! I know, I know, I’ve done this a million times, but I genuinely love the workouts and it’s seriously a no-brainer program. I don’t have to plan anything, and I know exactly what I’m doing each day and how long it will take. That’s why BBG can be so great. You can definitely expect updates on my progress over the next 12 weeks!

I also plan to continue my daily yoga in the evenings. In the past few days, work and life have been pretty chill, but I know that never lasts. Yoga has been an amazing (and surprising) stress reliever and has also made me realize how inflexible I’ve become. As a former dancer and cheerleader, this makes me sad. 🙁 Getting some of my flexibility back is a definite goal as continue to learn some sweet yoga moves.

My last goal is to just chill out. There’s a lot I want to accomplish in the next few weeks with work, my fitness goals, cooking, the blog, as well as some traveling. I am not going to stress myself out over little things, especially those out of my control. I’m looking forward to April and everything beyond that. There’s something about spring that brings this feeling of new beginnings, much more than the new year does for me, and I’m on board.  

All the photos in this post were taken by me at random times during the last month. Hope you enjoyed 🙂

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